Welcome — you’ve made your way to me. My name is Scott Birdsey, and I am building something that I want to tell you about.

Rift is (about to be) a limited-run, boutique-level cycling apparel brand, with a one-man racing squad (me!) serving as its primary marketing arm. A full schedule of about thirty Elite-level road, XC, and CX events are on the 2018 menu, concluding with a run at the Cyclocross Nationals "baby Masters" category in Louisville. This is an exciting time and I would love nothing more than to share it with you.

About Rift

This brand is Bauhaus meets Bart Simpson on the set of Blade Runner. It will focus on disrupting the notion of nostalgia for the pre-information age, while joining the small community of brands that are pushing forward what the image of the cyclist can look like. I will initially be focusing on producing apparel accessories, rather than jerseys and shorts, because a large part of my initial market will be cyclists who ride in clubs or on teams. Eventually there will be a full line of products.

On the subject of me

I am a web designer that obsessively drew hockey team logos as a child. I have spent my life as a marketing professional, underground DJ, hobo bluesman, dirtbike-riding loner, and vintage moped gang founder. Life as an athlete is still relatively new to the list — I've raced two full years of road and cyclocross, won two state championships, joined the board of my local cycling club, and become the creative director of the leading cyclocross series in New York. With Rift, I am paying my dues to a culture that has largely impacted my life for the best.

I want to market you

The concept of sponsorship is concrete to me, in what it entails. I have worked in marketing for ten years, and so the concept of myself marketing your brand is one that is comfortable and clear. I am open and interested in the traditional ways that this is done: logo placement on racing kit, social media shoutouts (I primarily use IG), "p/b" race team naming, and general brand evangelism. To this end, I am only working with brands that I feel a sincere affinity with – I am not interested in faking support for something I do not sincerely feel. If we work together, expect some real love and support.

How you can help

Man, racing is expensive, right? I need gear and money to pay my race fees. It isn’t really any more complicated than that.